We have been in operation for over 7 years and have successfully helped over 5000 British patients to get the smile they’ve always wanted. Due to the low overheads in Poland, costs of services such as dentistry are much lower than in the UK or other Western European countries. This is why dental fees in our surgeries are up to 60% lower than in the UK. For more information about charges please visit Dentistry in Poland costs section on this website.

Our clinics in Krakow are full-service dental facilities. The clinics are well-known surgeries in Krakow with the speciality in cosmetic dentistry and complicated full mouth restorations. Apart from caring for foreign patients we also treat up to 30 Polish patients a day. Dentists and the personnel who work at our surgeries are top specialists, with years of domestic and international clinical experience. All of the staff and dentists are English speaking so there is no need to worry about the language barrier. We additionally prepare treatment plans in English. Visit our clinics section for more information about the practise.

Steve, London

Thank you for all your help during my dental treatment in Krakow. I was overwhelmed by the quality of care and service I received...