Dental prices in Poland

Fees in our surgeries are amongst the lowest in Europe. Our charges are up to 60% lower than in the UK. The table below compares dental fees for the most popular dental procedures in our clinics with the average UK charges (assuming the use of exactly the same branded dental materials). We have tried to make sure that the cost comparison is like-for-like and is as accurate as possible. The costs are based on the average exchange rate for British Pound to Polish Zloty (1GBP - 5.4 PLN). vs average UK dental charges comparison

Type of treatment UK Cost* Our Cost Savings
Consultation £50 free £50
Implant consultation (single or multiple) £100 free £100
Implant insertion £1600 £540 £1060
OPG X+ray £40 £12 £28
Crown (porcelain fused on metal) £500 £210 £290
Fully ceramic crown (Procera) £650 £350 £300
Extraction from £100 from £50 £50
Surgical extraction (2 surgeons and an assistant) from £200 £100 £100
White filling from £120 from £60 £60
Root canal treatment (per root) £165 from £75 £90
Porcelain Veneer £650 from £320 £330
Teeth Whitening from £250 from £160 £90
Bone Augmentation per unit £800 £390 £410
Orthodontic Brace £1800 from £840 £960
Crystal Braces £2200 £1050 £1150
2 implants + Overdenture £5000 £2400 £2600
3 teeth restoration (2 implants + 3 Crowns) £4600 £2400 £2200
4 Implants + Removable Bridge £9500 from £4800 £4700
4 implants + 10 unit bridge £11000 from £5200 £5800

*Based on averages from the investigated clinics in the UK

By deciding on receiving dental treatments in our clinics in Krakow you are confirming either for yourself or on behalf of your party that you have read and understood Dentistry in Poland terms and conditions as set on the website Terms And Conditions and have agreed to be bound by them. You pay in Polish Zlotych in our clinics and all prices shown in this email as also on our website are approximate and subject to the annual average exchange rate 1 GBP = 5.4 PLN and 1 EUR = 4,2 PLN as set by Polish National Bank (Narodowy Bank Polski)

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