Get porcelain crowns from £210 per tooth! Enjoy natural looking teeth and improved bite for years to come.

Crowns by many referred to as caps, cover and protect  decayed, weakened or damaged teeth. Crowns are placed over you natural teeth and are great at correcting bite and other imperfections.

During the treatment, the first visits envolves the preparation of the area including the clean up and removal of any decay. Another stage is the impression taking and delivery of the moulds to the dental lab. It takes between three to five working days for our laboratory to produce a crown or a set of crowns. In between treatments, our dentists  place temporary crowns to protect the exposed teeth. At the final visit, crowns are adjusted and then permanently fitted using dental adhesive onto the prepared teeth.

Crown work in our clinics in Poland is usually completed on either one 5 day long visit (when patients are free from infections or do not need extractions) or two short trips (3 days each). We offer a 3 day dental holiday package with 2 night hotel accommodation, return airport taxis, panoramic X-ray and consultation with the treatment plan in English for £95 in total. There are no hidden charges. Book the package now.

Adrian, Liverpool

 I am here already and getting the work done, i appreciate your e-mails but i thought i would let you know this, I am going to pass on your e-mails and previous correspondence however to a few of my friends back home in england, a couple of them have already expressed an interest