The importance of missing teeth replacement

Teeth can be lost through a number of different reasons. It might be because of a disease, gum or tooth infection or an accident or other mechanical damage. In any case, missing pearly whites should be replaced as soon as possible. Aesthetic reasons are probably the most obvious although there are also a few medical considerations that should be taken into account. The bones around the lost tooth shrink over time which can lead to gum recession as well as affect the neighbouring roots. Speech and grinding of food is also affected, especially when there is a number of missing teeth in each jaw.

However, quite a few options are available in modern dentistry to replace the gaps:

1. You may choose to have a denture, but over time, your gums will recede and the denture may not fit as it once did

2. Dental crowns, bridges or even dentures supported on dental implants are currently the most popular teeth replacement restoration. Implants can support either individual tooth or a set of artificial teeth. 

3. Some patients can opt in for a dental bridge fitted in our clinic in Poland. Usually, patients need to have just 6 healthy teeth in a jaw for us to be able to restore the entire arch with brand new teeth. With regards to prices, a 3 unit bridges start from only £600 and it comes with a long guarantee.


Renate, Leeds

I had only 8 top front teeth which were all crowned. I therefore had gaps on either side of my front teeth which meant, that I chewed only with my front teeth...